Tips For Staging A Home With Personality

We believe that simply because you are styling a home for sale it does not need to be bland to still appeal to the broad buyer audience.

We steer away from the ‘cookie-cutter’ styling approach and lean towards a more personalised and bespoke look for each of our projects, hence creating a unique point of interest for prospective buyers. We have an experienced team of buyers and stylists who ensure our interiors will be anything but bland.

The key to styling a home for sale is that the property must stand out, not only at open homes, but initially online and in print to increase the number of potential buyers that will then decide to go to the open house.

The styling industry has evolved in the last few years as the awareness and importance of styling the home has increased. Clients tend to opt for a more personalised look so that as potential buyers wander through the property, they visualise themselves living a beautiful life in the home, spending lazy Sunday mornings in the bedroom, or cosy winter nights in the lounge room. It’s all about evoking a feeling and connection with buyers as they walk through that front door. The aim is no longer just to sell an architectural structure, but sell a lifestyle.

Tips for staging a home with personality:

– Know your buyer demographic: There is a particular buyer demographic for each property, so you really need to know who you are targeting and what would further draw in their interest beyond simply the architectural aspects and location of the property.

– Art: change up your art hanging approach, some good options are to layer the artwork on shelves or windowsills where possible, choose a large focus piece of art to ground the room, consider using clusters of art as opposed to matching pairs if the room calls for it and look for other alternatives to frames for wall hangings such as tribal necklaces, macrame, turkish towels, baskets and mirrors.

– Feel and touch: use lots of textures  – timbers, linens, feathers, concrete – appealing to the senses leaves your buyer with not only a visual memory of the property but a tangible feeling.

– Bring the outdoors in: indoor plants are a perfect addition to a home, especially when trying to create the ‘holiday at home’ style.

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